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The Process

Often times we turn around and tomorrow is here before we know it. Are you not sure if you are on track for reaching your goals, or are you just wanting a checkup? Our goal is to help you reach your Milestones, and if you get off track to help guide you back on.

Getting started-

Initial Meeting: Our process begins by us scheduling an initial consultation. The goal of this is to learn about each other and to see if there would be a good fit for us to work together. We also decide during this meeting if you have a focused need or if we are going to do more comprehensive planning.

Discovery Meeting: During this meeting is where we discuss your goals and dreams. We talk about what is important to you and what it would mean to achieve those goals. We will gather information about your current situation that will allow us to develop a road map to help us start you on your journey.

1 Protecting your loved ones

2 Sending your children to college

3 How to have the retirement you want

4 Leaving a Legacy

Presentation Meeting: During this meeting we share with you the roadmap and discuss some of the options we can use to help you on your journey. We will give you a concise plan that will help to give you the confidence that you can achieve your Milestones.

Ongoing Review: On a regular basis our team will review your progress and help to guide you on your journey stopping along the way for your various Milestones and helping you with any unexpected detours along he way.